Offering support to those in greatest need

30 January 2014

One of our 5p Bus customers

Poverty and Homeless Action Week draws to a close this weekend, but our work in the community will carry on helping those in desperate need.

Our 5p Bus and some of the Parish and Community Enablement (PACE) projects are focused specifically on supporting those who are homeless, vulnerable or struggling to make ends meet.

Travelling around the region six days a week, the 5p Bus visits many of our poorest communities, taking quality, used clothing and other essentials which can be bought for just 5p per item. Many individuals and families rely on our support to be able to afford even the basics. "Thanks to the bus, I can have good, warm clothes for my baby," said one of our 5p Bus customers, Ingrid Gorolova.

We are also helping those who are homeless, have other critical needs or who have little or no money through our PACE projects in Newcastle, Sunderland and Stockton.

Working with local parishes in the region's larger urban centres, we have helped recruit and train volunteers to open drop-in cafes in their area. These inviting drop-ins offer a warm and friendly place to enjoy food, company and conversation and even the most vulnerable people are able to find kindness and feel safe.