Lunch Club members sing for their supper!

18 March 2014

English Martyrs pupils and Vianney's Lunch Club members in the studio

It’s not often that guests and volunteers at Vianney’s Lunch Club in Hartlepool have to sing for their supper, but a very special occasion meant that’s exactly what was required.

When former head of music and lunch club volunteer, Brenda Harrison, suggested recording some of their favourite songs, everyone jumped at the chance and rehearsals began in earnest.

Joined by pupils from English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, the group laid down six tracks in the school recording studio and loved every minute of their experience.

Brenda said, “During one of our songs the school bell rang and we decided to record it again only to find that the version with the bell was included on the finished cd! We may not make it into the charts, but the whole experience from our first practice to the cutting of the cd was great.”

Fittingly, the cd is titled ‘Sing for your Supper’ and copies have been shared around many of the other PACE projects who are thoroughly enjoying singing along.