Guests lend helping hand to volunteers

13 February 2014

volunteers Vera, Moya and Joyce

Guests are sharing their talents and supporting volunteers at Tea on Thursdays in Ushaw Moor.

As the small team of volunteers welcome more and more people to the tea group, some of the guests have stepped forward to offer a helping hand and make sure every single person enjoys their afternoon.

Guests, Vera, Moyra and Joyce are regulars at the tea group and began to help by passing out the delicious, plated teas, handing out the bingo cards and recording the number of people attending to make sure the volunteers had time to enjoy their day, too. They really enjoy helping and others are often on hand to give their support, too.

Tommy joined Tea on Thursdays quite recently after taking early retirement and was keen to make himself as useful as he could. Thanks to the warm welcome he received, he settled in quickly and soon found himself offering to help out as a bingo caller.

Now, no-one can get enough of his hilarious take on calling the bingo numbers and he gets so much pleasure from brightening people's day.