Lunch club is changing lives

20 January 2014

Guests Vernon Forster and Teresa McKay with volunteer Michael Hannon

A group of local volunteers are changing lives for the better with their friendly, welcoming lunch club, held every week in St Robert's Church Hall in Fenham.

Vernon Forster is now a regular guest at the lunch club after being persuaded to come along by local volunteer and quizmaster, Michael Hannon. After Vernon lost his wife, he found it difficult to get out to meet new friends and wasn't sure the lunch club was going to be right for him.

However, after his first trip a few weeks ago, Vernon is now one of the lunch club's biggest fans. As he joined fellow guest, Theresa McKay in one of Michael's fun quizzes, he was clearly enjoying his time at the lunch club. "I love everything about it and it really has changed my life," said Vernon.