Monday Club has eyes to the skies

24 January 2014

Monday Club guests Eva and Enid

Guests and volunteers at All Saints Monday Club in Lanchester are keeping a close watch on the skies and the weather forecast at the moment.

After snow, ice and flooding interrupted their social get-togethers for several weeks last year, everyone is delighted that this year's weather has been kinder and hasn't disrupted their weekly visit to the Monday Club. And as each week passes and spring draws closer they all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Members of the close knit-group love nothing more than meeting up at the Monday Club every week to catch up with each other's news, have fun with some activities or entertainment and share a cuppa and some delicious treats.

"Everyone missed each other terribly last year when we had to close because of the weather," said volunteer, Kate Edwards. "We're hoping we've seen the worst of the weather and spring can't come soon enough!"