Volunteers share advice and friendship

03 March 2014

Some of the Jesmond volunteers meeting up with volunteers from Ushaw Moor

Volunteers from well-established PACE projects are sharing tips, advice and friendship with new volunteers who are just setting out to open their own projects.

Pat, Margaret and Joan have just signed up with a group of volunteers to open and run a new tea group in their parish in Jesmond, so when they were invited to meet volunteers and guests at Ushaw Moor's Tea on Thursday, they jumped at the chance.

Whether it was finding out where to buy bingo books and pens or hearing how much the regular guests loved their weekly tea group, Pat, Margaret and Joan enjoyed every minute and came away bursting with ideas.

Not only did they find the visit helpful and inspiring, but they have extended an invitation to the Ushaw Moor volunteers to join them at their tea group when it opens at the end of April.