Hop on board to help out

31 July 2014

Volunteers on the 5p Bus

St Cuthberts Care is looking for people who can lend a hand to help keep our 5p Bus on the road.

A charity appeal has been launched for volunteers who can offer a few hours a week to help serve customers on the bus, sort clothing at our depot based at the Holy Cross Home in Sunderland, or to coordinate donation collections and deliveries.

The 5p Bus is a vital resource which travels around the region to provide good quality used clothes, bedding, toys and toiletries for those with little or no income. It offers a lifeline to people with limited means and we need volunteers who can help out on a regular basis to help keep the operation running smoothly.

For more information on our volunteering opportunities for the 5p Bus, or any of St Cuthberts Care's services, please contact Nicola Milne on 0191 228 0111, email nicola.milne@stcuthbertscare.org.uk or visit our volunteers' page on our website.