Tea on Thursdays 'family' speeds recovery

June 2013

Guests and volunteers at Ushaw Moor's Tea on Thursdays group have become 'like family' to each other since the PACE project first opened almost a year ago and their strong bonds are helping a member of the group onto the road to recovery.

When regular volunteer, Joe, took ill some months back and couldn't get along to Tea on Thursdays, everyone missed him so much that he had a steady stream of visitors checking on his welfare and keeping him up to date with all the local happenings.

Fellow volunteer Erica said, "When Joe couldn't come to us, we all agreed that we should take Tea on Thursdays to him, so small groups of us would pop in to see him to keep his spirits up. Seeing as there are more than 40 guests and volunteers, it meant he had well-wishers by his side pretty regularly!"

Thankfully, everyone's care and compassion has worked its magic and Joe is feeling much better with hopes of returning to Tea on Thursdays in the next few weeks.

Known for his delicious, secret cake recipes, Joe said, "They're all like family; it's been lovely having everyone visit me. As a thank you to everyone, I'll definitely be bringing one of my most sought-after cakes with me as soon as I'm back on my feet."