Generations come together for surprise sing-along

May 2013

Musical memories came flooding back for 36 elderly guests at Vianney's Lunch Club thanks to a recently retired teacher, a group of young pupils and a collection of favourite songs.

Regular guests at Vianney's were delighted to learn that their regular young visitors from English Martyrs school were interested in finding out which songs they had raved about when they were younger.

As everyone reminisced, and tried to recall the words, tunes and titles of some of the greatest hits from decades earlier, the pupils noted them down. However, the best was yet to come.

Brenda Harrison, a regular volunteer at Vianney's, surprised the guests when she was joined by the young volunteers and others from their school to sing the songs. With song sheets and music as prompts, the room was filled with the songs of yesterday, so fondly remembered by the older generation and newly introduced and enjoyed by their younger friends.

The event brought back so many happy memories that Vianney's volunteers are now looking into the possibility of repeating the concert and perhaps making their very own CD.

Fr Nick Jennings said "Everyone had such a great time remembering their favourite songs and had no idea that this would be followed by todays sing-along. It was such a wonderful surprise when the pupils turned up to sing with everyone. There were so many smiling faces and the place was buzzing with the excitement of the impromptu concert."

Vianney's Lunch Club in Hartlepool is one of 14 PACE (Parish and Community Enablement) projects across the region to open with the support of St Cuthberts Care and local parishes. Each one is run entirely by volunteers who give their time to set up and run projects to help local people who are vulnerable, elderly or lonely.

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