Volunteers help friendship blossom at flower festival

July 2013

When extra help was needed at the spectacular annual Flower Festival at St Paul’s Church in Cramlington, volunteers from St Paul’s Tea Group jumped at the chance to get involved.

Responding to the parish appeal for people to come forward, the Tea Group volunteers saw the flower show as another opportunity to lend their time and skills to welcome the community to the church and to make their visit as enjoyable as possible.

The Flower Festival is one of the biggest events held at the church and local people flocked to see the colourful displays, enjoy light refreshments and socialise.

Parish Priest, Fr Simon Lerche said, “Every nook and cranny of the church was packed, so the extra volunteers really helped to make the event run smoothly. Aside from the practical help, however, they really made people feel welcome and were always there for anyone who needed a little extra support and friendship.”

St Paul’s Tea Group is one of 15 Parish and Community Enablement (PACE) projects around the region which are run by volunteers and supported by local parishes and St Cuthberts Care for people who are vulnerable, elderly or lonely.

Held every Sunday between 4pm and 6pm in St Paul’s Parish Hall in Dewley, Cramlington, the tea group offers the opportunity for local people to meet and chat to others, enjoy high tea, refreshments and quizzes. If you or anyone you know would like to attend or volunteer at the tea group, contact Tony Turner on 07940 749055.