Birthday celebration is the icing on the cake for Rosemary

15 August 2013

Rosemary celebrating her 92 Birthday

It was party time for everyone at Holy Cross Lunch Club on Friday when one of the guests celebrated her 92nd birthday.

The party hats came out and the cheers went up as Rosemary cut her cake to a chorus of guests and volunteers singing 'happy birthday'.

"We always make a note of everyone's birthday when they first become guests at our lunch club," said volunteer, Jo. "When birthdays come around, it's lovely to make their day special, particularly as many of our guests live alone and have no-one to share their important moments with."

Rosemary first came along to Holy Cross Lunch Club on the advice of her cousin, Eileen, who travels in from Ryhope. Both women have grown close to fellow-guest, Winnie and each week the three women can be found sitting together, chatting and sharing in everything the lunch club has to offer.

"I'd recommend the lunch club to anyone," said Rosemary. "This birthday celebration has made my day, but then it always feels really special here every time I come."

Holy Cross Lunch Club is one of fifteen Parish and Community Enablement (PACE) projects around the region set up with the help of St Cuthberts Care and supported by local parishes. Each one is run by a team of volunteers.

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