Childhood games bring back happy memories

July 2013

Boys playing football in the street in the 1950sGuests at Claremont Lunch Club in Blyth had a fun trip down memory lane recently when they were asked to recall the games they played as children.

Each table of guests scribbled furiously as the memories came flooding back and pages were filled with the names of retro games. Everyone shared in the laughter as some not only wrote their suggestions, but treated their fellow guests to a demonstration.

Among the fond recollections were Blind Man’s Buff, Chucks, Marbles and singing rhymes like In And Out The Dusty Bluebells and A Sailor Went To Sea.

The volunteers running the lunch club had as much fun as the guests. “It was hilarious!” said Eveline, one of the regular volunteers. “It really jogged the memories of everyone and made us all realise how much fun we had for free back then. Even this little exercise cost nothing but we could have gone on for hours.”

Claremont Lunch Club is one of fifteen Parish and Community Enablement (PACE) projects run by volunteers and set up by local parishes around the region with the support of St Cuthberts Care.

Visit our Claremont Lunch Club page for more information on how you can come along as a guest, or join the team of volunteers.