Friends share tea together after 15 years apart

31 October 2013

Rita and Elizabeth

A friendship formed years ago has been rekindled, thanks to a chance meeting at St Michael's Tea Group in Houghton le Spring.

When new guest, Rita Carr decided to take up her sister's offer of joining in with the tea group, little did she know that she was about to enjoy a surprising reunion.

Among the volunteers ready to welcome her was her old friend, Elizabeth McCully, and the two were delighted to find each other again after losing touch more than 15 years ago.

Rita was a regular volunteer at an activity group attended by Elizabeth during her teens and they often shared group trips together, which the two women remember fondly.

"We had some great times back then," said Rita. "I couldn't believe it when I walked in and saw Elizabeth. After all these years, it's great to see her again!"

"We've already arranged to meet up and I'll see Rita when she's at the tea group,as well" added Elizabeth. "It's great to see my friend again."