Friendship at the heart of new lunch club

28 November 2013

Fr Ian Jackson with St Joseph's volunteers

Loneliness is a thing of the past for guests and volunteers enjoying a new lunch club in Blackhall Colliery.

St Joseph's Lunch Club, which has just opened up in the church hall, welcomes anyone from the local community who would like to meet up, make friends and enjoy a freshly prepared, hot lunch together.

From the moment the doors opened, conversation flowed and the enthusiastic volunteers running the lunch club were helping everyone to mingle, have fun and get to know each other. By the time desert was served, following a delicious lunch, everyone was talking about how much there were looking forward to getting together again in a week's time.

Parish priest, Fr Ian Jackson said, "This is just wonderful. The guests are renewing old friendships and the volunteers are making new friends so quickly and naturally. I'm so pleased with the response from parishioners who have volunteered to help run the lunch club; it seems to be no time at all since we had our first planning meeting and here we are with a room full of guests!"