Cheers! We're two years old!

24 September 2013

Celebration cake

Glasses were raised and cheers rang out as guests, volunteers and parish priest, Fr Chris Hughes celebrated the second anniversary of Bedlington Open House.

Everyone celebrated with an Open House firm favourite, a pie and pea supper followed by hilarious entertainment from comedian Tony Washington. Despite the packed programme, time still had to be found for the ever-popular games of Bingo!

Gathering together to cut the celebration cake, guests, volunteers and Fr Chris Hughes gave thanks for the friendship, support, fun and laughter they had all found in each other through Open House.

"It's hard to remember how we managed without seeing each other before Open House," said Barbara. "We have become such a close community. When we had a short break in the Summer everyone was so pleased to be back, there was so much catching up to do. The two years have flown by, and the community has certainly grown. We’re more like a family than a group of people meeting up. What more could we ask for!"