Almost 16,000 people in need helped by our 5p Bus

January 2013

Waiting for the 5p Bus

During 2012 the 5p Bus helped almost 16,000 people in need and distributed a staggering total of 92,199 items; an indication of both the growing demand for the service and the generosity of our donors.

The 5p Bus, which operates from its depot in Swalwell in Gateshead, provides good quality used clothes, books and toys for just 5p per item and is on the road five days a week, travelling across the North East to help people who are homeless, have little or no money or who face social exclusion or isolation.

The service also works closely with other organisations, such as Victim Support, Crisis Skylight and Citizen Advice Bureaus, which help and support people in crisis.  

Just before Christmas, Gateshead Housing contacted St Cuthberts Care to request help for a family who had suffered a house fire, leaving a woman and her two young children with only the clothes they were wearing. With a low income and money stretched to the limit, the woman had been unable to afford contents insurance and when disaster struck she found she had no access to crisis loans or other benefits because she was working.

In no time at all we were able to replace some of the family's most essential clothing lost in the fire. The woman was immensely relieved to have found help and support so quickly and easily at such a distressing time. "I'm so grateful for the 5p Bus service." She said. "I really don't know what I would have done without the help I've received."

As the number of people in need of the service of the 5p Bus continues to rise, 2013 will undoubtedly be another demanding year. If you would like to support or donate to our 5p Bus please contact Iris Boyd on 0191 242 4803 or email her at With your help we are confident we can rise to the challenge.