A Christmas tree for the 5p Bus

20 December 2013

The 5p Bus Christmas tree

The 5p Bus had its own little Christmas tree at an event in Gateshead recently.

The Salvation Army Christmas Tree Festival invited the 5p Bus to attend to support the needs of the local community and, in return, a special tree was included at the event in its honour.

Decorated by church member, Chantelle, the little tree looked splendid with its hand-made paper decorations representing all the items available on the bus.

More than 70 people visited the bus to benefit from the wide range of clothing and essential items on board.

"Fellow church member, Anni Humes said, "With the 5p Bus outside and the 5p Bus tree inside, I don't think there was anyone at the event who didn't know what the service was all about by the time they left!"