Fresh fruit donations benefit needy and vulnerable

August 2012

Dozens of homeless and vulnerable people who seek food, shelter and friendly conversation at Worswick Welcome in Newcastle and Sunderland Open House are now also benefiting from a supply of fresh fruit, thanks to North East fruit and veg specialists, J R Holland.

Every week, a supply of apples is donated to St Cuthberts Care before being distributed by staff and volunteers to the drop-in style café's, which have been set up in partnership with local parishes as part of the charity's PACE (Parish and Community Enablement) programme.

Like all PACE projects, Worswick Welcome and Open House are run by volunteers and the regular supply of apples provide a welcome addition to the snacks and light refreshments served there every week to dozens of people in desperate need.

The generous supply of apples means they can also be made available on the 5p Bus for people around the region who have little or no money and who rely on the bus for clothing and other essential items.

Many of those visiting Worswick Welcome, Open House and the 5p Bus are likely to have a poor diet due to extreme poverty and the apples help to provide at least some of the daily essential vitamins needed for a healthy diet.

An apple