Worswick still welcomes one year on

January 2012

On Friday, 6 January, volunteers and visitors at our longest-established PACE project, Worswick Welcome, celebrated the project's first anniversary.

Everyone enjoyed a cosy celebration on the day and shared a special cake to mark the occasion. Volunteer Terry Maxwell said, "As soon as we opened, news of the service spread quickly and the number of visitors rose dramatically from two in the first week to over 35 just three weeks later. Around 60 visitors enjoyed our celebration and it's wonderful to see so many people benefiting from the food and friendship offered at Worswick Welcome. We now have a good group of regular visitors who know they can rely on the weekly service."

Those using the centre, who rarely have somewhere safe and warm to go for food or companionship, thanked the volunteers for the comfort and support they had given and continued to provide throughout the year. Guests were particularly grateful that Worswick Welcome, based in St Andrew's Church in Newcastle, provided a service over Christmas and New Year when others were closed for the holiday.

In just one year, Worswick Welcome has helped around 2300 people, including those who are homeless, destitute, suffering extreme poverty or who are living with drug or alcohol misuse or addiction. In addition, the café-style service handed out almost 7000 meals and continues to provide a much-needed place where people can feel valued, safe and welcome. The service is also supported by the 5p Bus and during the year, visitors have benefited from around 1600 items of clothing and essential goods.

If you would like to help with any of our Community Services projects, visit our volunteer page or our 5p Bus page for more information.