Barclays staff banking on support for drop-in café

August 2012

A big thank you goes to all the staff at Barclays Call Centre in Doxford Park, Sunderland for their generous contributions to Sunderland Open House - a warm and friendly drop-in café for local people who are homeless, vulnerable or destitute.

Not only have many of the staff been volunteering at Open House, helping to prepare and serve some of the hundreds of snacks and refreshments served each week, but they have also made regular donations of tinned food, too. 

Helping at the project has given them first-hand experience of seeing how 100% of every single donation made, be it cash or goods, directly benefits those who need it most. So, when the team recently became the lucky winners of £500 worth of prize money, they were unanimous in their decision to donate it to Open House.

Everyone involved in the project is absolutely delighted and the money will help to support the service for many months to come.

Sunderland Open House is run by volunteers and was set up in a partnership between St Cuthberts Care and the parish of St Mary's as part of the charity's PACE project. Open House is held in St Mary's Parish Hall every Thursday between 10am and 1pm.