Volunteer keeps it in the family to help lunch club

October 2012

When volunteers at Kennedy Lunch Club, a new PACE (Parish and Community Enablement) project in Blackhill, realised they were going to need extra space for food storage, they found the solution to their problem lay surprisingly close to home.

With the lunch club regularly catering for around 25 guests, the volunteers recognised that the storage space they had was getting pretty tight for all the ingredients needed to make the varied and delicious home-cooked meals they prepare and serve each week.

However, as the lunch club shares the parish hall with St Cuthberts Care's Blackhill Day Centre, extra space was hard to find and an expensive, purpose-built cupboard seemed to be their only option.

With limited funds available, the volunteers struggled to see how they could afford to have the work done, but they soon discovered that the benefits of being involved in a PACE project don't stop at the people being welcomed as guests or the enjoyment experienced by the teams of volunteers running them.  Friends, neighbours and family members are also coming together to support the projects.

Teresa, one of the regular volunteers, mentioned the cupboard problem to her brother-in-law, Keith, who is an experienced joiner with a successful local business.  Only too happy to help, Keith set about making plans to build exactly what is needed within the budget available. 

So, within the next few months, a bespoke cupboard will be in place, the storage problem will have been resolved and a new member of the Kennedy Lunch Club 'family' will have been added to the list.

The Kennedy Lunch Club is held every Thursday between 10am and 2pm in St Mary's Parish Hall, Blackhill.  Offering morning refreshments, bingo a home-cooked meal and lots of opportunities to chat and make new friends, it costs just £3 per person.

Kennedy Lunch Club is one of eleven PACE (Parish and Community Enablement) projects around the region, run by volunteers and supported by the local parish and St Cuthberts Care. The main purpose of the projects is to provide a warm, welcoming place for elderly, isolated, lonely or vulnerable people to meet, find friendship, share food and entertainment and feel part of their community once more. To find out more about PACE, contact Kathleen Urwin by email: kathleen.urwin@stcuthbertscare.org.uk or by calling: 0191 228 0111.