Pace goes from strength to strength

February 2012

PACE logo

Parish And Community Enablement (PACE) was launched just over one year ago; with eight successful projects now running across the North East - each aimed at helping people who are lonely, elderly, isolated or vulnerable to meet people and interact in a comfortable friendly place.

We are incredibly proud of the development of each of the projects, the commitment of the volunteers and the on-going enjoyment and support offered to those who use the service. In addition, we are pleased that existing projects are still gaining new users, and are increasing in local support.

All Saints Monday Club in Lanchester has welcomed five new guests into their fold. The social evening is currently enjoyed regularly by elderly people from the local community who enjoy the weekly warm welcome, good company, refreshments, quizzess, bingo and games.

If you are interested in joining in with the cheery volunteers and guests please contact All Saints Monday Club on 01207 520783 or 01207 520696. Alternatively, find out about PACE projects in your area.