We need your quality used clothes

July 2012

If you're planning to spruce up your summer wardrobe or your children have outgrown last year's outfits, our 5p Bus can make very good use of your unwanted clothing.

Serving 120 venues around the region, the 5p Bus helps over 1000 people in need each month, providing them with more than 7000 essential items. As you can imagine, we rely heavily on a plentiful supply of donations all year round to be able to re-stock.

As well as clothing, we also accept household and other items, but are unable to accept furniture or electrical goods. If you'd like to check with us about the items you have to donate, please get in touch with our 5p Bus depot.

It's very easy to donate your unwanted items: simply drop them off at our clothes sorting depot in Swalwell or contact us to arrange collection. Find out how to donate.