5p Bus benefits almost 2000 people each month

October 2012

The number of people being helped by our 5p Bus is now approaching 2,000 a month.

As winter approaches, the generosity of our supporters is helping to make sure that many local people who have little or no means to clothe themselves and their families adequately, are able to look forward to a much warmer winter.

In addition to donations from individuals we receive enormous support from churches across the region. In particular we would like to thank the parishes of St Aloysius and St James in Hebburn, Corpus Christi in Gateshead, St Andrew's in Newcastle, Holy Name in Jesmond, St Mary's in Newton Aycliffe, St Charles in Gosforth, St Joseph in North Shields and St Cecilia & St Patrick in Sunderland for their recent generous donations of clothing.

The 5p Bus provides not only clothing, but also many other items that many of us may take for granted, but which mean so much to the people and families who use the bus.

Linda has a two year old daughter and is a regular visitor and contributor to the 5p Bus. "I love the 5p Bus," she said. "It's helped me so much when I've had hardly any money. I've even got some lovely books for my daughter and there is no way I'd have been able to afford them in the shops. I can't wait to see her face when I show her what I've got for her."

As well as being a customer of the 5p Bus, Linda regularly donates clothing and items which she no longer needs. "If I can help other people the way they have helped me, I will. Even though I don't have a lot of money, it's nice to be able to contribute something to such a good cause."

Customers queuing for the 5p Bus