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Working for the common good by enabling people to develop to their personal potential


St Cuthbert’s Care’s Community Services provide help for people in need across the North East. Our services are run by a small, dedicated staff team supported by volunteers who generously give their time to help.


Parish and Community Enablement (PACE) projects are set up in partnership with local parishes. Working together, we help to recruit and support volunteers to run their own, local projects for people in their area who are elderly, isolated, lonely, or, in some areas, to help those who are homeless or who have significant needs and vulnerabilities.

The 5p Bus

Regretfully, we are no longer able to continue to operate our 5p Bus. Grant funding, which covered a substantial part of our operational costs, has now come to an end.

Many food banks around the region provide clothing and, whilst this is warmly welcomed by us, in reality, it has reduced the number of people visiting our 5p Bus over the years – yet our costs have remained constant.

We will continue to provide support to 17 diocesan PACE projects, including four for homeless individuals. We are also in the process of developing community initiatives to support people suffering from mental health illnesses.

Donated income received from our parishes and schools will be used to boost our Hardship Fund and to support our new community projects.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our 5p Bus.

If you would like more information about our continuing community, parish and school work, please contact Nicola Milne on 0191 2280111 or email

Supporting our new work

As part of our work in the community, our Red Van supports families in need across the region by providing good quality donated clothing and other essential items. This is an area that relies entirely on donations.

If you would like to help, you can find details of how to make a donation on the Donate page of our charity’s website.

Thank you for your support