Tyler helps donations get to families in need

8 January 2016

Tyler and Kelly standing outside the white 5p Bus

A youngster from one of our Auton children's homes has been a valuable asset to our 5p Bus team, giving up his own time to help out.

When generous members of the public donated a record amount of clothing and toys for our 5p Bus in the run-up to Christmas, extra help was needed and 13-year-old Tyler jumped at the chance to get involved.

Spending hours with our regular sorting assistant, Kelly Singh, Tyler helped out with quality checks before sorting and hanging the clothing and organising the toys ready for distribution to families and individuals struggling to make ends meet.

"We had a great response to our toy appeal and the clothing donations just kept coming, too," said Kelly. "Tyler was a great help and we managed to get much more ready for distribution than I would have managed on my own. He can come back any time!"

Although a great number of donations were received before Christmas, our 5p Bus distributes around 4000 items every month and stocks are quickly reduced. Find out how you can donate to our 5p Bus by visiting our website or ring 5p Bus Manager, Iris Boyd on 0191 228 0111.